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Welsh Election battle fires at Lottery

Last Updated: Wednesday 28th April 2010, 10:28

The rallying for the General Elections is continuing in earnest up and down the country. In Wales the political talk has taken a new turn as the Plaid Cymru party leader claims that Wales has lost out on £30 million worth of lottery funding for good causes because of the lottery’s commitment to London 2012. They claim lottery money has been 'raided' to pay for the Olympics, here's the full story.

Figures released on where money for good causes go, have shown that Wales has received £30 million less in lottery funding for Sport since the lottery committed itself to the London 2012 Olympic games.

Before the commitment to the Olympic Games was given, Wales received around £65 million in lottery funding for good causes, however in the four years since the lottery pledged support to the London 2012 games, this funding has halved.

The lottery row has become a useful Election tool for Plaid Cymru who are using it to promote their party and raise their own profile. Plaid are calling on the government to step in and prevent the lottery from ‘raiding’ money for good causes for the Olympic Fund and are hoping that seats in the next election may give them some sway.

The Lottery hasn’t responded to the claims but the pledge they have made to London 2012 has been no secret. The company are ploughing millions into the project with specially designated scratchcards and games, plus a huge amount of money from good causes for sport seemingly going into the fund.

However, money for good causes is surely money for good causes and wherever it’s going in the UK you can be sure that cash from your lottery tickets is going to help all sorts of charities, sporting organisations and historical buildings around the UK.

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