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Unclaimed Lottery Jackpots

Everyone plays the lottery with the hope of winning, but occasionally people win big and never even claim their prize. Millions of pounds worth of prizes go unclaimed every year because people lose their tickets or simply forget to check their numbers.

This situation is entirely avoidable as the National Lottery makes it possible for players to purchase their tickets online. Buying lottery tickets online eliminates the risk that winnings will go unclaimed as all tickets purchased online are stored safely in the userís account so there is no risk that they can be stolen, damaged or lost. Furthermore, online lottery tickets are checked automatically winners are notified by text or email that they should check their online account. For security reasons, email and text alerts do not contain details of the prize amount.

All National Lottery prizes are valid for 180 days after a draw takes place so even if youíve found an old ticket, you could still be due a prize! Here is a list of the current unclaimed prizes.

Unclaimed Prizes Table

Draw Date Lottery Prize Value Prize Tier Area Purchased Winning Results Final Date to Claim
05/12/2015 Lotto £1,000,000 Raffle tier 1 Borough of Rochdale NAVY 2780 9650 02/06/2016
18/12/2015 EuroMillions £349,463.30 Match 5 + 1 Star Borough of Rochdale 6-22-26-29-48
Lucky Stars 5-6
22/12/2015 EuroMillions £1,000,000 and a private chalet escape UK Millionaire Maker Swansea Millionaire Maker Results 19/06/2016
26/12/2015 Lotto £1,000,000 Raffle tier 1 East Staffordshire District Lotto Millionaire Raffle Results 23/06/2016
05/01/2016 EuroMillions £1,000,000 UK Millionaire Maker Preston GXC726529 03/07/2016
16/01/2016 Lotto £1,000,000 Raffle tier 1 London Borough of Newham Lotto Millionaire Raffle Results 14/07/2016
20/01/2016 Lotto £1,000,000 Raffle tier 1 Glasgow City NAVY39033904 18/07/2016
27/02/2016 Lotto £1,000,000 Raffle tier 1 Isle of Wight NAVY39175002 25/08/2016
16/03/2016 Lotto £59,160 Match 5 + Bonus South Gloucestershire 13-14-31-42-44-58
Bonus 1
23/03/2016 Lotto £1,000,000 Raffle tier 1 District of Huntingdonshire ROSE67423684 19/09/2016
25/03/2016 EuroMillions £1,000,000 and a US trip of a lifetime UK Millionaire Maker West Bromwich West (Parliamentary Constituency) Millionaire Maker Results 21/09/2016
25/03/2016 EuroMillions £1,000,000 and a US trip of a lifetime UK Millionaire Maker Edinburgh South (Parliamentary Constituency) Millionaire Maker Results 21/09/2016
05/04/2016 EuroMillions £1,000,000 UK Millionaire Maker District Council Area of Fermanagh & Omagh MGY489185 02/10/2016
22/04/2016 EuroMillions £67,440.20 Match 5 Council Areas of Corby & Kettering 17-26-32-34-43
Lucky Stars 2-10
23/04/2016 Lotto £1,000,000 Raffle tier 1 Borough of Hertsmere GREY10260381 20/10/2016
04/05/2016 Lotto £1,000,000 Raffle tier 1 Borough of Havant, Hampshire Lotto Millionaire Raffle Results 31/10/2016
07/05/2016 Lotto £1,000,000 Raffle tier 1 Flintshire Lotto Millionaire Raffle Results 03/11/2016

Table last updated 23/05/2016

To date, the largest unclaimed lottery prize in the UK was a £63.8 million EuroMillions jackpot which was won on Friday 8th June 2012 but which expired 180 days later on Wednesday 5th December 2012. All National Lottery prizes which are still unclaimed after 180 days are added to the National Lottery Good Causes Fund.

If you think you may have lost a winning ticket, visit our lost lottery tickets page for information on what to do next.