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Weekend Winner Picks Up £4.2 Million Prize in UK Lotto

Saturday’s UK Lotto draw saw one lucky player pick up a life-changing top prize of £4.2 million when they matched all six main numbers drawn. The mystery winner has not yet been identified but they can look forward to claiming the ninth largest UK Lotto prize seen so far this year.

28th July 2014

Big Lottery Fund Receives £60 Million from the Olympic Lottery Distribution Fund

The Big Lottery Fund (BIG) is set to receive £60 million from the Olympic Lottery Distribution Fund (OLDF) two years after the 2012 London Olympics. In 2007 the previous government used funding from BIG and other sources to cover a gap in the budget for the Summer Olympic Games. BIG provided £425 million while an additional £250 million came from other lottery sources. The Olympic Lottery Distribution Fund is being wound up following the successful games in 2012 and, per a prior agreement, will sell their assets to repay the funds provided by the lottery distributors. Any surplus funds will be used for good causes supported by the National Lottery.

25th July 2014

EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Friday’s EuroMillions draw will offer players a double rollover jackpot worth an estimated £24 million (€31 million) after last night’s draw saw no winners in either of the top two prize tiers. Remarkably, this was only the second EuroMillions draw of the year to see this outcome, with the first instance being on Tuesday 18th February.

23rd July 2014

£100K Health Lottery Jackpot for Lincolnshire Grandmother

One lucky Lincolnshire grandmother has scooped the impressive £100,000 top prize in the Health Lottery after matching all five main numbers drawn. 66-year-old Alma Pullen matched the numbers 9, 13, 19, 22 and 28 on Saturday 5th July but didn’t discover her win until the following week while shopping.

21st July 2014

EuroMillions Superdraw Scheduled for October

Earlier this week lottery officials revealed the next EuroMillions Superdraw would be held in just over two months’ time on Friday 3rd October. The announcement came just weeks after EuroMillions postponed a scheduled Superdraw following high ticket sales and repetitive rollovers which led to the planned £80 million (€100 million) Superdraw jackpot being naturally surpassed.

18th July 2014

Two £1 million Jackpot Winners Still Unclaimed…From the Same Draw

The search is on to find the owners of two winning lottery tickets worth over £1 million each. Incredibly, the two unclaimed tickets, bought in Shropshire and the London Borough of Ealing last month, were both top tier winners in the same National Lottery draw.

16th July 2014

Health Lottery’s ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ Campaign and the Battle against Obesity

The Health Lottery’s ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ campaign has been hailed as an unprecedented success by Business Secretary Vince Cable after he participated in a cooking club designed to combat obesity. The Liberal Democrat minister visited Twickenham Academy and described the project as “imaginative and forward-thinking”.

14th July 2014

Fruit and Veg Man Still Gets up at 4 AM Despite Lottery Win

77-year-old EuroMillions winner John Kingsman says he has no intentions of giving up work, despite landing over £150,000 in the draw. The fruit and veg salesman from Bognor Regis says he will continue to get up at four in the morning to answer the phones and make the tea at his workplace.

11th July 2014

Lottery Winners’ Tribute to Dunkirk Veterans

National Lottery winners from across the UK have teamed up to create a new memorial for World War II veterans. 35 winners with a combined wealth of over £50 million have contributed to a memorial which commemorates 75 years since the successful Dunkirk evacuation.

9th July 2014

Voting Open for National Lottery Awards

Voting is now underway for the prestigious National Lottery Awards after officials released a full list of the worthy finalists. Every year, the National Lottery hosts the esteemed event to give the people behind the life-changing, lottery funded projects a chance to share their story with the nation.  

7th July 2014


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