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Direct Debit

Direct Debit is a free service offered to lottery players, allowing you to buy tickets at the same price as you would at a retailer or when buying individual entries online, but with the added convenience of ensuring you are automatically entered into every draw on a continuous basis. Playing Lotto, EuroMillions or other lottery games by Direct Debit means that you need never miss a massive jackpot or run the risk of losing or damaging a ticket.

How to Play Lotteries by Direct Debit

Simply pick your desired lottery and choose your numbers or opt for a Lucky Dip or Quick Pick, which randomly generates lines for you. Select which of the weekly draws you wish to play or whether you would like to take part in every draw and, once the Direct Debit registration is complete, your numbers will be automatically entered on an ongoing basis.

If you choose the Lucky Dip option when setting up your Direct Debit on Lotto, you will play the same main numbers in the Wednesday and Saturday draws each week, providing you have chosen to take part in both, with a new random line generated following the Saturday draw for the next week. EuroMillions players who buy Lucky Dip lines by Direct Debit have a brand new selection of numbers created for each draw.

Direct Debit Prizes

Players can purchase their tickets for Lotto, Thunderball, EuroMillions and the Health Lottery continuously by Direct Debit, knowing that if they win a prize they will be automatically notified by email. Any prizes of up to £50,000 for Lotto, EuroMillions and Thunderball and up to £10,000 for the Health Lottery will then be instantly credited to the winner’s bank or building society account. Any prize worth more than these amounts requires you to contact the lotteries’ respective claims teams to begin the process of redeeming your winnings.

See the Lottery Claims page for more details on receiving National Lottery Prizes won on Direct Debit tickets. The Health Lottery Prize Claims page features information for Direct Debit players of that game.

Changing Direct Debit Lottery Details

National Lottery players can add additional lines, remove lines, change the draws in which they play and pick different numbers by deleting the slip in their online account and starting a new one. The old lines will still be entered into any remaining draws that have already been paid for, with the new ticket coming into force when the old one has finished.

Playing Millionaire Maker by Direct Debit

If you play EuroMillions via Direct Debit, you will get a new Millionaire Maker code generated for every draw.