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EuroDreams: The New Annuity Lottery for Young Players

EuroDreams is a new European lottery and one of the biggest lottery games launched in the past 20 years. Its prizes are annuity-style and most of the participating EuroMillions countries launched this game. The participating countries are: Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

The first draw was held on 6th November.

Aimed primarily at young players, the EuroDreams top prizes are given to winners as annuity. What does that exactly mean? Annuity lotteries offer a certain amount of money monthly or annually over a long period of time. Set For Life has been a popular addition to the UK's range of games since 2019, while there are similar lotteries around the world.

Check the latest EuroDreams results as soon as the draws have taken place.

How to Play and What's In It For You?

In order to enter the game, participants must select six main numbers from 1 to 40, plus one Dream Number from 1 to 5.

Drawings take place twice a week, on Monday and Thursday evenings, at approximately 8.00pm UK time (9.00pm local time in Paris, France).

The price of an entry is €2.50.

EuroDreams Payouts

The top prize is €20,000 a month for 30 years and you could win it if you match six numbers and the Dream Number. For matching six main numbers without the Dream Number you will get €2,000 a month for five years.

For the first prize category, the maximum amount is €21.6 million per draw, meaning a maximum of three winners. In case there are more than three winners, the total amount will be divided by the number of winners in that prize tier. Each winner will receive their winnings in a one-time payment.

The maximum prize fund for the second prize category is €1.44 million per draw. This corresponds to a maximum of 12 winners. If more than 12 winners match six numbers, the amount will be divided equally between them. They will receive the prize as a single payment.

Unlike EuroMillions, which has a 1 in 13 winning chance, EuroDreams has 1 in 5.52 chance for winning at least the reimbursement of the ticket. This will give you better odds of winning if you decide to enter the lottery. Explore the rest of the prize tiers and your odds of winning:

Match Prize Odds of Winning % Prize Fund
6 + Dream Number €20,000 a month for 30 years 1 in 19,191,900 45.21%*
6 €2,000 a month for 5 years 1 in 4,797,975 45.21%*
5 €103.49 1 in 18,815.59 2.13%
4 €40.48 1 in 456.14 34.24%
3 €5.29 1 in 32.07 63.63%
2 €2.50 1 in 5.52 -
The overall odds of winning a EuroDreams prize are 1 in 4.66

*45.21% of the overall prize fund is reserved for winners of the top two prizes. The remaining prize fund is then allocated between the other categories.

Things To Keep In Mind