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Health Lottery

The Health Lottery takes place five times a week – every day from Tuesday to Saturday – and offers a jackpot of £25,000. You can even win £100,000 or £475,000 in the extra prize draws that are held every Wednesday and Saturday.

This main draw is known as The Big Win, but the Health Lottery also offers QuickWin draws and an All or Nothing game. The aim of the Health Lottery is to raise funds for health-related good causes across Great Britain. It allows 12 separate society lotteries to operate under one banner and is not part of the National Lottery.

Win up to £25,000!

How to Play Guide


You can play the Health Lottery online or purchase tickets from retailers. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to play.

How to Play Guide

Find Out if You've Won

Magnifying glass

The Health Lottery Checker makes it easy to discover if your ticket has won a prize. Enter your numbers now to find out.

Ticket Checker

Win Up to £475,000


Find out all the winning combinations that will earn you a Health Lottery prize. The overall odds of winning are just 1 in 9.7.

Odds and Prizes

How to Claim Prizes

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When your luck comes in you’ll need to claim your prize money. Learn how to claim Health Lottery prizes in-store and online.

Claiming Prizes

Your Questions Answered

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Get the answers to common questions you might have about the Health Lottery, including the additional £100,000 draws.


All or Nothing


All or Nothing is a new Health Lottery game offering a £25,000 jackpot twice a week for players matching all or none of the numbers that are drawn.

All or Nothing

QuickWin Every Three Minutes

Shooting Star

Learn more about Health Lottery QuickWin, the fast-paced online game in which you can play for a jackpot of £25,000.


Health Lottery Statistics

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Keep track of which numbers have been drawn the most, which are overdue, and much more with these comprehensive statistics.


Number Generator

Number Generator

Get a random set of Health Lottery numbers and then enter them into the next draw. You can generate multiple lines.

Number Generator