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Set For Life

Set For Life is the National Lottery’s popular annuity game and it gives you the chance to win £10,000 every month for 30 years.

Draws take place every Monday and Thursday at 8pm and you can play online and in stores for £1.50 per line.

Win £10K A Month for 30 Years!

Learn How to Play Set For Life


The payouts may work differently but Set For Life otherwise plays just like a traditional lottery. Find out which numbers you need to pick and when you can play.

How to Play

Check Your Set For Life Tickets

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The Set For Life Ticket Checker will tell you how many numbers you’ve matched in recent draws and whether you’re set to receive a £10,000 payout every month.

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View Odds & Prizes


The most appealing aspect of Set For Life is the phenomenal top prize, which will still be paying out decades after your win. Learn more about all the prizes on offer.

Set For Life Prizes

Generate Your Numbers for the Next Draw


If you’re looking for your next set of numbers to land that big annuity use this Set For Life Number Generator to create a line for upcoming draws.

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Learn More About Annuity Lotteries

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Set For Life UK uses a format that has proved popular the world over. Head to the Set For Life Q&A page if you want to know more about annuity lotteries.

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    Super Chance Draws

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    Set For Life Super Chance draws are special events in which you can win the game's top prize by matching just five numbers. Find out about these exciting draws.

    Super Chance Draws

    View the Most Common Winning Numbers

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    On the Statistics page you’ll find detailed information about the most common Set For Life numbers, the least common, and much more.

    Set For Life Statistics

    How does Set For Life work?

    Set For Life is unique among UK lotteries as it’s the only one that pays winners regular sums over an extended period of time. If you’ve ever played Lotto, EuroMillions, or any of the National Lottery’s other draw games, you’ll already be familiar with how Set For Life works. You simply pick a series of numbers with the aim of matching them with the winning numbers randomly selected in the draw you enter.

    When it comes to the payouts, things work a little differently. Instead of receiving a big lump sum for winning the jackpot, you will receive a set amount every month over a certain period of time. Winners of the top prize can expect to receive £10,000 every single month for 30 years, which works out at a total payout of £3.6 million, while winners of the second prize get £10,000 a month for one year, totalling £120,000.