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All or Nothing

All or Nothing is a twice weekly lottery draw where players have two chances to win the jackpot - match either all 12 numbers drawn, or none of them! The prize for doing either is £25,000 but there are also other prizes for matching any number of balls as long as it's not five, six or seven of the 12 drawn. The game is unique in the UK as the only lottery where you can win a prize, let alone the jackpot, for matching nothing!

All or Nothing is run by the Health Lottery who help to raise funds for good causes across the UK. 12 different charities and societies are run under the banner of the Health Lottery and it is completely separate to the National Lottery.

Win £25,000 twice a week!

How to Play


Pick 12 numbers from 1 – 24 to get started with your entry for All or Nothing and then select which draws you want to enter.

How to Play Guide


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You can use the checker on this page to compare your ticket to the winning numbers to see if you have won a prize.


Odds and Prizes


There are ten different ways to win a prize in All or Nothing with extremely favourable odds compared to other lotteries in the UK.

Odds and Prizes

Claiming Prizes

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Claiming an All or Nothing prize is extremely easy. Just follow the steps in our guide here to make sure you get your payout.

Claiming Prizes


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Have some questions about All or Nothing? Then check out our guide here which answers all the common questions and everything you need to know.



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Find out all the statistics for All or Nothing here, including which balls have been selected the most frequently and which are the most overdue.


Number Generator

Number Generator

Can’t decide which numbers to play? Then don’t stress- our number generator can select a random set of numbers for you to enter.