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Thunderball offers a guaranteed jackpot of £500,000 per winner, and the top prize is not shared so millions of pounds can be won in a single draw. There are four chances to play every week, with draws taking place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

You can win just by matching the Thunderball and the overall odds of landing a prize are 1 in 13. Learn more about the game by choosing from the links below.

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How to Play Thunderball

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You can play Thunderball in-store or online. Check out this easy-to-follow guide for help with picking your numbers and entering Thunderball draws.

Player’s Guide

Check Your Numbers Quickly

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To find out quickly whether you have won a prize, enter your numbers into the Checker and you will be shown any matches immediately.

Thunderball Results Checker

Guaranteed Prize Amounts


Thunderball offers fixed amounts in all nine prize tiers, right up to the £500,000 jackpot. See all the ways to win and the odds for each category.

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Questions and Answers


If you’ve got a query about a particular aspect of Thunderball, look through this list of common questions for the information you need.

Thunderball FAQs

Generate Numbers


If you play different numbers in every draw, this Thunderball generator can help you pick your next line. It will give you five random numbers and a Thunderball.

Generate Numbers

Detailed Statistics From Every Draw


Dig into the statistical findings from all previous draws to see number frequencies, overdue balls, common pairs and much more.

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Thunderball's Biggest Events

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National Lottery Thunderball draws launched in 1999. See all the key dates from the game's history to find out when notable events have taken place.

Thunderball Events