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Pick 3

Pick 3 is an online game in which you can win up to $500 by matching three numbers from 0 to 9 – that’s a 500x return on your bet. You can choose from a range of different ways to play and you also get to decide how much you bet. Learn more about how Pick 3 works, see the latest results and find out how to take part in the UK and from other locations around the world.

How to Play

Follow the steps below to play the Pick 3 online lottery. Entries are available until a few minutes before each draw is scheduled to take place. Winning numbers are selected at 1pm, 6pm and 9pm every day.

  • Pick three numbers between 0 and 9 or go for a Quick Pick to receive random numbers. You can pick the same number more than once, but be aware that for some bet types this can affect how much prize money you can win and how much it will cost to play (see the '3-Way and 6-Way Bets' section on this page).
  • Choose your bet type from the following options: Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Combo, or Pair. Each type offers different prizes and has a different way to win.
  • Confirm how much you want to bet. The amount you bet determines how much you can win.
  • Choose which draws to enter. You can play in the afternoon draw, the evening draw, or both.
  • Select how many weeks to play for. You can enter a single draw or subscribe to enter future draws.
  • Create an account or sign in to an existing one, deposit funds, and pay for your entries.

The following table shows all the different play types that are available in Pick 3, including how much each one costs, how to play it, and what you need to do to win.

Bet Type Cost How to Play How to Win
Straight £0.50 or £1 Pick three numbers in the position you predict they will appear. The numbers you have selected must match up exactly with the three winning numbers. The order has to be correct.
Box £0.50 or £1 Select three numbers which you predict will all appear in the draw. You win if your three numbers are selected in any order.
Straight/Box £1 Put your three numbers in the order you think they will be drawn. Half of your bet will be wagered as a Straight and half as a Box. You win both halves of the bet if your numbers match the winning ones in the right order. If they match them in any order, you just win the ‘Box’ portion of your bet.
Combo £1.50 to £6 Pick three numbers. Each combination of three digits will be entered as a Straight bet. You win if your numbers appear in any order, because you have a Straight bet on each possible combination.
Pairs £0.50 or £1 Predict the first two numbers (Front Pair) or last two (Back Pair) in the same order they appear. The two numbers you bet on must match up exactly with the winning numbers in the same positions.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Pick 3 offers a number of fixed prizes based on the different bet types and amounts. If you place a $0.50 Straight bet, for example, the prize on offer is $250. If you bet $1, the prize is $500. Prizes are not shared, so you will win the amounts shown in the following table regardless of how many other winners there are in the same draw.

Bet Type Prize for $0.50 bet Prize for $1 bet Odds of Winning
Straight $250 $500 1 in 1000
Box (3-way) $80 $160 1 in 333
Box (6-way) $40 $80 1 in 167
Straight/Box (3-way) - $80/$330 1 in 333 / 1 in 1000
Straight/Box (6-way) - $40/$290 1 in 167 / 1 in 1000
Combo (3-way) $250 $500 1 in 333
Combo (6-way) $250 $500 1 in 167
Front Pair $25 $50 1 in 100
Back Pair $25 $50 1 in 100

3-way and 6-way Prizes

The numbers you pick can have a direct effect on how much prize money you play for and how much it costs to play. All bets you place apart from Straight and Pair bets are split into one of two types: 3-way or 6-way.

A 3-way bet is when the numbers you play contain two identical numbers and one unique number, such as 112. It’s called a 3-way bet because there are three possible combinations of those numbers: 112, 121, and 211.

A 6-way bet is when you pick three separate numbers, such as 123. There are six possible combinations of those numbers: 123, 132, 213, 231, 312, and 321.

The odds of winning a 3-way bet are greater – meaning it’s harder to win – than those for a 6-way bet, but the good news is that you get paid more for a 3-way bet than you do for a 6-way one.

Combo bets work slightly differently. When you play a Combo you pay to place a Straight bet on every combination of your chosen numbers, so if you play a 3-way Combo you pay for three Straight bets, and for a 6-way Combo you play six Straight bets.

That means a 6-way Combo bet is double the cost of a 3-way bet, but the odds of winning are also halved, so you’re twice as likely to win. Combo payouts are the same for 3-way and 6-way bets.

Claiming Pick 3 Prizes

You will be notified automatically by email when you win a prize on the Pick 3 lottery. The money is then paid straight into your online betting account so there is no danger of missing out on a prize. All you need to do to claim the prize is log in to your online account – you can withdraw the winnings to your bank account or use them to pay for future entries.