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EuroMillions HotPicks Odds and Prizes

EuroMillions HotPicks odds and prizes directly depend on how many numbers you pick. You can pick one number and take a 1-in-10 chance at winning £10, for example, or you could pick five numbers to go for the top prize of £1 million. The beauty of the game is that you get to choose which prizes to go for.

One important rule to bear in mind: you must match all of the numbers you pick to win the stated prize. There are no secondary prizes for matching fewer numbers than you play.

Odds and Prize Categories

The prizes in EuroMillions HotPicks stay the same from draw to draw, so the top £1 million prize does not roll over if it's not won. If there are multiple winners in the same draw each will receive the advertised payout – the prizes are not shared.

The table below shows all the prizes on offer in EuroMillions HotPicks, as well as the odds of winning each one:

Game How to Win Prize Odds of Winning
Pick 5 Match 5 £1 million 1 in 2,118,760
Pick 4 Match 4 £30,000 1 in 46,060
Pick 3 Match 3 £1,500 1 in 1,960
Pick 2 Match 2 £100 1 in 123
Pick 1 Match 1 £10 1 in 10

Prize Capping in EuroMillions HotPicks

In rare circumstances prize capping may come into play when calculating EuroMillions HotPicks payouts. HotPicks prizes are fixed amounts, so each winner can usually expect to receive the amount stated in the table above. If there are an unusually high number of winners in a particular game – the Pick 5 game, for example – prize amounts may be lowered.

The total prize fund for each HotPicks game is calculated by multiplying the money from ticket sales by the prize cap multiplier in the table below. If the total value of the payouts for a game exceeds this amount, the total prize fund will instead be divided equally between all the winners.

Game Average % of sales paid out in prizes Prize cap multiplier
Pick 5 30.87% 65.0
Pick 4 43.28% 11.2
Pick 3 51.02% 3.7
Pick 2 54.42% 1.35
Pick 1 66.67% 1.2

For example, if the prize fund for a single Pick 5 game totals £3 million and there are four Pick 5 winners, each winner would get £750,000 (£3 million divided by four) instead of the £1 million prize they would normally receive.

Why are EuroMillions and EuroMillions HotPicks odds different?

In EuroMillions you pick five numbers and two Lucky Stars, while in EuroMillions HotPicks you only pick between one and five numbers – the Lucky Stars don't come into play at all. This difference has a knock-on effect on the respective odds of winning.

Difference in odds when picking one to four numbers

When you pick fewer than five numbers in EuroMillions HotPicks, you’ll find that the odds of winning are longer (meaning it’s harder to win) than those for matching the same amount of numbers in EuroMillions. For example, in EuroMillions the odds of matching exactly three numbers are 1 in 314, yet in EuroMillions HotPicks the odds of matching three are 1 in 1,960.

That’s because in a Pick 3 HotPicks game you play three numbers and those exact three numbers must appear in the draw to win. In EuroMillions, on the other hand, you have five numbers and if any three of those appear in the draw you will win the Match 3 prize. Those two additional numbers you have make it much more likely that you will win.

Difference in odds when picking five numbers

The same can be said of all EuroMillions HotPicks prizes apart from the Pick 5 prize. In that case the reverse is true: you’re more likely to win a Pick 5 prize in HotPicks than you are to win a Match 5 prize in EuroMillions.

On one hand the playing field is levelled slightly, as in both cases you play five numbers and try to match them all – you get no additional numbers in EuroMillions. However, the presence of the 12 other prize tiers in EuroMillions makes it less likely that you will hit exactly five numbers to win that prize.

You might win by matching three numbers, or two numbers and a Lucky Star, or all five numbers and both Lucky Stars, or any other winning combination. All of those other potential outcomes make it less likely that you will hit exactly five numbers to win the Match 5 prize. In HotPicks that’s not a consideration because you play for one prize and one prize only; you either win by matching five numbers or you don’t win.