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Lost Lottery Tickets

If you have lost your lottery ticket, you should be aware that there is no obligation on the part of the National Lottery to pay any prize the ticket might have won. However, there is a chance your claim might be considered, provided that you lodge an appeal within 30 days of the draw for which the tickets were purchased.

Lottery officials will need to know as much information as possible, including when you bought the ticket, which draw it was for and the location of the shop from which it was purchased. You should also tell them how many lines you played and the numbers you chose as well as any information you have about the potential fate of the ticket.

The National Lottery will investigate these claims at its discretion, based on the details provided, and could choose to pay you the prize money the ticket would have been due.

The address to send claims for lost lottery tickets is:

The National Lottery
PO Box 287,
WD18 9TT

You can also email

Found Tickets

If you find a lost ticket without a name and address written on the back, whether it is for a draw that has or hasn’t taken place, you should send it to the above address. You should also include important information such as your name, address, phone number and a brief explanation of where and when you found it. If no one reports their ticket to be missing and the National Lottery is satisfied you have acted in good faith, you may be eligible to receive any prize won by that entry. The ticket and all additional information must be received by the National Lottery before the claim period for the ticket expires.

For tickets that are torn or are otherwise illegible, see the Damaged Lottery Tickets page.