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Join a Lottery Syndicate

You can join an online lottery syndicate quickly and easily to increase your chances of winning a prize. Learn more about how to join, how online syndicates work and the benefits of playing this way.

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      How Online Syndicates Work

      When you join an online syndicate, all the hard work is done for you. The lottery concierge service you are using online will effectively act as the syndicate manager. They send out representatives to buy tickets and then put shares on sale that you can purchase.

      Purchasing one share ensures that you will win a percentage of any prizes won by your group, but you can boost your proportion of any amount the syndicate wins by picking up as many of the available shares as you like.

      The tickets bought by the concierge service are then scanned and the copies uploaded to your account as proof of purchase. Once the draw has taken place, the concierge service emails you if you have won and distributes the winnings to each member. The payout you receive depends on how many shares you have bought.

      How to Join a Lottery Syndicate

      Joining an online syndicate is simple. To take part with other online players, follow the steps below:

      • Select your game from the available options
      • Choose how many shares to buy
      • Enter just the next draw or set up a monthly subscription so you never miss out
      • Add your shares to the cart and pay for your entries

      You will need to set up an online account if you are a new user. Once you have purchased your shares, you can just wait for the draw to take place and see if you are a winner.

      Benefits of Online Syndicates

      Joining an online syndicate combines a number of advantages. Here are some of the major benefits:

      • Playing in a syndicate improves your chances of winning without the need to spend more on tickets
      • You have the convenience of letting an online service sort out tickets and payments
      • There is the flexibility to purchase as many shares for a draw as you want
      • Playing online is more secure than purchasing tickets in-store. Your numbers can’t get lost or damaged
      • You will be emailed and paid automatically if you win, so you’ll never miss out on a prize