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Join a Lottery Syndicate

You can join an online syndicate at the touch of a button to increase your chances of picking up a lottery prize, taking away the need to splash out more money on multiple tickets for yourself or go searching for other players to form an offline group.

With online syndicates, all the hard work is done for you, so you can relax and wait to see if your numbers are drawn. All you have to do is just decide which game you want to try and win – EuroMillions, Lotto or Thunderball.

How Online Syndicates Work

Once you have decided which lottery you want to play, you can then choose between various types of syndicates.

It is then up to you as to how many shares you wish to buy in your syndicate. Purchasing one share ensures that you will win a percentage of any prizes won by your group, but you can boost your proportion of any amount the syndicate wins by picking up as many of the available shares as you like.

Once you have bought your shares, your work is done and the fun really starts. The lottery concierge service you are using online will effectively act as the syndicate manager and will have already sent out representatives to buy the tickets for which you bought shares. These tickets will then be scanned and the copies will be uploaded to your account as proof of purchase.

Any prizes won by the syndicate will be automatically paid out to each member, so you don’t even need to contact anyone to receive your money. All you need to do is check to see if you have received an email or text message notifying you of a big lottery win.