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Lottery Syndicate Winners

Playing in a syndicate boosts your chances of winning a prize and can also be a lot of fun. By joining forces with other players, you can buy multiple tickets, keep individual costs down and share in all the excitement if you do win a large prize together. Around one in five National Lottery prizes are thought to be won by syndicates, and sometimes they can land some incredible rewards!


A large Irish family had cause for celebration in February 2019, after their family syndicate won a jackpot worth €175 million (£152 million). Kathleen and Charlie Sheridan were the lucky recipients of the nine-figure windfall, along with their children and other family members. It was the biggest lottery prize ever won in Ireland, and they described it as "a dream come true."

A family syndicate from Monmouth won £61.1 million on Friday 29th July 2016. Sonia Davies shared the prize with her partner Keith, her daughters Courtney and Stephanie and Stephanie's other half Steve. Sonia had just received the all clear following an operation on a tumour and the family bought the ticket as they were convinced they were "on a winning streak".

A syndicate of seven office workers from Merseyside came to be dubbed ‘the Magnificent Seven’ in November 2009 after netting half of a stupendous £91 million EuroMillions jackpot. At the time this was the UK’s biggest-ever lottery prize and each member of the group instantly became £6.5 million richer after the £45.5 million was divided among the group.


A syndicate of 11 Tesco workers from Driffield in East Yorkshire struck the Lotto jackpot in July 2005 when one of their 13 lines matched all six main numbers. They scooped a total of £18.2 million, which worked out at £1.4 million each for nine of the participants and £2.8 million each for two members because they held additional shares!

A group of Stalybridge friends got their hands on one of the three jackpot-winning tickets for the Lotto draw on 1st November 2014. The syndicate of five’s strategy was to play a line each a week, plus an extra line made up of numbers selected by all of them, and it was this extra selection which landed them £2.9 million. Each member was rewarded with £590,060.