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How to Play All or Nothing

Playing All or Nothing is extremely easy - you just have to pick your numbers for your ticket and buy your entry and you’re all set. Tickets can be bought any day of the week and will automatically be entered into the draw on the next Tuesday or Friday depending on which is closer. There are a few other steps you can still take when playing, so follow the steps below:

Picking your numbers

Choose 12 Numbers from 1 – 24

You must select 12 numbers from 1 – 24 for each entry into the All or Nothing draw. You can choose these numbers yourself, or you can ask for a Quick Pick where the numbers will be chosen randomly for you by a machine. To do so, just ask the retailer for an All or Nothing Quick Pick, or look out for a magic wand or Quick Pick button when playing online.

Choosing your draws

Choose which draws to enter

If you just go and buy a single entry then it will automatically be entered into the next draw, but you do have the choice to enter it into the draw after that, or into both, so just look out for these options or ask for them when buying a ticket. Draws take place on a Tuesday and Friday.

You can also enter them into a number of draws in a row for up to 5 weeks, with the same options of playing draws just Tuesday, Friday or both.


Purchase your tickets

Each entry into a draw costs £1, so multiply that by the number of lines you want to enter and the number of draws they are into. All you then have to do is pay the retailer or online and you are all set! Ticket sales will close just before 7pm on Tuesday and Friday, so make sure you enter in plenty of time so you aren't dissapointed.

How to Win a Prize

All or Nothing operates the same as any other lottery whereby you win prizes for matching the numbers on your ticket to those that are selected in the draw. In this game however it is slightly different, as you win the jackpot for matching all the numbers, or by matching none of them.

The numbers on your ticket will be listed in ascending order, but the balls in the draw will come out randomly. You don’t have to match the order of the drawn balls to win a prize - if the number six comes out the machine first, but you have number six third on your ticket, then you have matched it.

You can find out more details about the prizes in All or Nothing on the dedicated page, or follow our guide on claiming a prize here.