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Health Lottery QuickWin

QuickWin is a rapid-fire Health Lottery game which gives players the chance to win great prizes every three minutes. Anyone who takes part will also be raising money for good causes, with 25.5p of every pound spent on tickets going towards health-related charities.

How to Play QuickWin

QuickWin requires players to pick five numbers from a pool of 50. The cost is £1 per draw and you can either choose your own numbers or opt for a random Quick Pick. When each draw is held, five main numbers are selected at random, followed by a Bonus Ball.

It is only possible to place entries for the next QuickWin draw, but the good news is that draws are held every three minutes.

QuickWin Prizes

To receive the top prize in QuickWin, you must match all five numbers. There are nine different ways to win, so you can pick up prizes just for matching the Bonus Ball.

The prizes and odds of winning are displayed in the table below:

Prize Tier Odds of Winning Prize Value
Match 5 - Jackpot 1 in 2,118,760 £25,000
Match 4 + Bonus Ball 1 in 423,752 £10,000
Match 4 1 in 9,631 £250
Match 3 + Bonus Ball 1 in 4,815 £50
Match 3 1 in 224 £20
Match 2 + Bonus Ball 1 in 224 £10
Match 2 1 in 16 £3
Match 1 + Bonus Ball 1 in 32 £1.50
Match Just Bonus Ball 1 in 16 Free Entry to Next Draw

The top prize of £25,000 will be split between players if there are multiple winners. All of the other prizes are fixed amounts, so players are guaranteed to win the advertised figure regardless of how many other players win in the same tier.

How to Claim

Any prize of less than £250 is automatically transferred to your online Health Lottery account, allowing you to withdraw the money or enter more draws. For any larger prize, you must contact the Health Lottery directly by calling the customer service team on 0844 375 55 55.

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