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Twelve Millionaires Made By UK Lotto In Final Month of 2012

Last Updated: Thursday 5th December 2013, 13:19

This month has seen a massive twelve players of the UK Lotto scoop a share of a multi-million pound jackpot to become brand new millionaires in the festive season! This is the highest number of millionaires made in one month on the UK Lotto since June 2012, which saw fifteen individual ticket holders share a total monthly jackpot of £30,529,301. However, this month’s grand total of millionaires is especially remarkable given that each winner will be entering 2013 as the UK’s newest millionaires!

The grand total of jackpot prizes on offer this month equated to an eye watering £32,779,653, which meant each of the 12 players has won an average of £2,731,637 each! This is even more than the previous record breaking month of June 2012, which would have seen each individual player scoop a smidge over £2 million.

Although there are frequently multiple jackpot winners on the UK Lotto, it is rare that every winning jackpot will see a millionaire being made. For example, on 3rd October 2012, the jackpot prize of £2,059,080 was shared between four people, meaning they came out with just over half a million each. However, the UK Lotto is a real swings and roundabouts game, as the draw just before that one on 29th September 2012 had seen five players share a whopping £19,549,950, which would have measured out to £3,909,990 each!

The real possibility of winning a prize on the UK Lotto is what keeps players eagerly taking part in this game, and shows its popularity throughout the years. We at hope that the UK Lotto continues to blossom in 2013, and creates many, many more happy millionaires in the coming months. Good luck to all who play, and a very Happy New Year.

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