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Set For Life Winner To Chase His Dreams After Going Public

Posted on Tuesday 6th Aug 2019

A young man from Peterborough has been revealed to be the latest big winner of the National Lottery’s new Set For Life game. Dean Weymes, an aspiring script writer, will receive £10,000 every month for the next 30...

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EuroMillions Winner Eyes New Career And Pet Hamster

Posted on Friday 2nd Aug 2019

A husband and wife from Basingstoke have revealed their plans for the future after winning £1 million on EuroMillions. As well as investing for the future, embarking on a new career and buying a new home, they want to grant...

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Car Crash Survivor To Donate To Air Ambulance After EuroMillions Win

Posted on Tuesday 23rd Jul 2019

A man from Kent who almost died in a car crash a couple of years ago has revealed that all he could do was giggle when he found out that he had won a big EuroMillions prize. He now wants to use the money to help the Air Ambulance...

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Lotto Double Prize Event Announced for 24th August

Posted on Tuesday 2nd Jul 2019

It has been revealed that the Lotto draw on the 24th August 2019 will be a ‘Double Prize Event’, offering thousands of players the chance to win double on their ticket. 

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How Many Lottery Winners Go Public?

Posted on Tuesday 25th Jun 2019

The winner of the £123 million EuroMillions jackpot from 11th June has decided to remain anonymous after coming forward to claim their prize. Find out if that is the popular option for lucky ticket holders and why some...

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What To Do If You Lose A Lottery Ticket

Posted on Wednesday 19th Jun 2019

Whether you have forgotten where you put it, think you may have thrown it away by mistake or fear it may have stolen, you may well have lost a National Lottery ticket at some stage. Learn about the steps you should take if your...

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Saturday’s Lotto Draw ‘Must Be Won’

Posted on Thu 16th May 2019

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