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Friday EuroMillions Double Rollover

Last Updated: Wednesday 15th January 2014, 09:58 am

Friday EuroMillions Double Rollover JackpotThe next Friday EuroMillions game will offer a double rollover jackpot with an estimated value of £26 million after no ticket purchased for the first draw of the week succeeded in matching all seven numbers. The main numbers drawn on Tuesday 14 January were 18, 20, 25, 26 and 37, and the Lucky Star numbers were 10 and 11. Whilst the jackpot rolled over for the second draw in a row, more than 1.67 million consolation prizes were landed, and lottery players in the UK alone collectively won over £2 million.

Two tickets matched all five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars, but neither of those tickets had been purchased in the UK, so their owners will be claiming their prize in euros, with each winner taking home a very nice €549,286. There were seven tickets that matched the five main numbers without either of the Lucky Stars, and three of those tickets belonged to UK players, giving the winners concerned a prize of £36,506 each.

The fourth tier prize level saw 41 tickets win £3,116 each by matching four main numbers and both of the Lucky Stars, whilst 495 tickets matched four main numbers and one Lucky Star to win £225 each. The total number of winning tickets in the EuroMillions game last night was 1,671,996, and in the Millionaire raffle game one ticket won its owner a prize of £1 million by matching the number LTG855433.

Regular players who like to keep a close eye on the EuroMillions numbers regardless of whether or not they happen to win a prize themselves may have noticed that the Lucky Star number 10 has now appeared in three consecutive draws. Every draw is obviously an independent event, and all numbers have the same chance of being selected, but it will certainly be interesting to see if that same Lucky Star crops up again and helps someone to win the £26 million jackpot this Friday.

Before we get to that game we should point out that the midweek Lotto game this evening gives players the chance to win an estimated £2.2 million. The Lotto Raffle game will also give a prize of £20,000 to each of 50 winners, so at least that many participants will have something special to celebrate by this time tomorrow morning. Grab your entries from our Lotto Tickets page if you haven’t done so already and good luck with your numbers!

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