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$267 Million Mega Jackpot

Last Updated: Wednesday 7th August 2013, 12:28

The Mega Millions lottery is currently showing what rollovers can do to the top prize of a popular lottery game, having rolled over several times to reach a staggering $267 million for the draw taking place on 2 March, 2007!

This makes the Mega Millions jackpot the highest in the world at the time of writing, and if one winner scoops the entire jackpot, that lucky individual will instantly give them the kind of wealth that even an Oscar winning movie star would be proud of. Not only that, but the retailer of the winning ticket would receive the maximum bounty of $1 million.

To win the colossal Mega Millions jackpot, a player must match 5 numbers from 56 and also 1 Mega number from 46. The odds of success are just 1 in 175,711,536, but with a jackpot of $267,000,000 up for grabs, it's a certainty that plenty of hopeful players will be lining up to take their chances.

A jackpot of $267 million is very impressive, but it isn't the biggest that the Mega Millions lottery has seen. That record was set way back in May 2000 when the jackpot stood at $363 million and was shared by two winners. Then, in November 2005, a jackpot of $315 million was split between seven winning players.

Even so, $267 is a large chunk of money (it equates to around £133 million) and would give a single winner plenty of spending possibilities. Dream homes, prestige cars, world cruises, designer wardrobes and sparkling jewellery are just some of the things that this kind of wealth could afford... and there would still be plenty left over for a few luxuries too!

Mega Millions celebrated it's 500th draw on Tuesday 27 February, so the chance of a birthday rollover win has already passed. However, we're sure that won't stop any winner of the 501st draw throwing a party to celebrate the payout!

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