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£6.8 Million Rollover Jackpot for Lotto

Last Updated: Tuesday 1st May 2012, 16:08

Lotto Rollover JackpotSaturday night failed to find a single ticket holder who could match the six main balls drawn to take home the Lotto top prize which means tonight there is an estimated £6.8 million rollover jackpot up for Lotto tonight – will yours be the winning ticket? Whilst there were no jackpot winners found on Saturday’s game there were nine winners who all matched five main balls and the bonus to take home £136,416 each at the weekend.

How will you pick your numbers for the midweek Lotto game? Here we look at a few numbers statistics that may help you pick the winning numbers to bag the £6.8 million Lotto rollover jackpot.

Since the game began in November 1994 there have been several movers and shakers in the number statistics for Lotto and below we look at the most common drawn Lotto numbers recently and how they have affected the outcome of the draws in which they have appeared:

Most Common Drawn Lotto Numbers

  • 11, 23, 32, 38, 43 and 44

11 was last drawn as a main ball 59 days ago on New Years Eve and helped three people share a jackpot of just over £4.4 million.

23 came out last as a main ball in draw number 1684 and, along with five other numbers, helped one lucky ticket holder net a jackpot of just over £4.5 million.

32 was a main ball in the last draw but there were no jackpot winners.

38 came out last on 1st February 2012 were there was just one winning ticket who took home just over £2.1 million.

43 appeared in the last midweek draw as a main ball where there were three winning tickets who shared a jackpot of over £2.3 million.

44 was last drawn on 15th February, a midweek draw, and helped two winning tickets share a jackpot of just over £2.3 million.

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