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A Lotto viewers for the X Factor

Last Updated: Tuesday 7th September 2010, 07:57

Have you been watching the newest series of the X Factor on ITV? It’s certainly been exciting so far with lots of giggles along the way too. If you’ve been tuning in to the new series then you are one of 10.5 million people in the UK to do so, which means that the National Lottery loses out in terms of Saturday night viewers to the X Factor. In fact, while the difference between the two sets of figures have been fairly close in recent years, this year the X Factor is drawing in five times more viewers.

While the X Factor is the most exciting thing on television right now, the viewing figures for the live lottery show are still remarkably low, especially when you consider that last weekend was the National Lottery Awards 2010, a star-studded event live on the BBC.

Much of the fall in viewing figures of the National Lottery show are sure to be related to the Internet. This year a study showed that buying lottery tickets and online gambling accounted for a massive 5% of all internet traffic and as more players buy lottery tickets online, more are also checking results and keeping up with the news online too.

It may not just be the National Lottery show either, research is showing that general television viewing figures are falling as more and more people switch to their pc’s for a far more interactive entertainment experience.

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