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Anger over Lottery funds for Raoul Moat show

Last Updated: Monday 27th September 2010, 10:13

A stage show depicting the last hours of the life of Raoul Moat has been launched using a lottery grant, in a move that has angered many in the UK. The one-man show by artist Mark McGowan caused uproar when it was made public today but it’s not the first time the artist has used lottery money for shock tactics. Just a few weeks after the death of Jade Goody the artist re-enacted her death and that was not long after he had re-enacted the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, who was shot dead by police at Stockwell station in London.

The play, funded by lottery cash from the arts council sees Mark McGowan playing all the major characters in the event that many of us saw play out on the news just a few months ago. In his usual style with a box on his head, each side will contain a character in the saga as he plays every part himself.

Police and Victim support groups have slammed the move, saying it is in bad taste, especially so soon after the event. It’s just eleven weeks since Raoul Moat rampaged across the countryside shooting several people before being brought down by a police marksman.

It may leave some of our lottery news readers with a bad taste in their mouths, the thought of money from lottery tickets going to this sort of cause may not sit well with many of the lottery playing public. Whether the show will go ahead is yet to be seen but there is no one in the National Lottery office trying to buy tickets today.

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