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Another double lotto rollover

Last Updated: Thursday 7th July 2011, 16:01

Lottery Rollover Just last week we saw a UK Lotto double rollover of £12 million up for grabs and now after all the furore of the massive Euromillions jackpot the UK lotto has quietly rolled over twice yet again making Wednesdays draw worth a massive £11 million in the third double UK Lotto rollover of the year.

It’s only the third double rollover seen on the UK Lotto this year, the first was back in March and the second just over a week ago and now after the UK Lotto has rolled over for the last two draws we see another bumper jackpot for the midweek draw worth an estimated £11 million.

The winners of the massive Euromillions jackpot are still to come forward which means that over the last few weeks UK Lottery players have been in for some real treats. Wednesday is the day that we may see the UK Lotto won and if not then there will be yet another rollover, much rarer on the UK Lotto than the Euromillions.

The last two double rollovers on the UK Lotto have seen multiple winners and the wealth shared well but who knows what will happen for this draw, will it be one winner or shared between many? Who knows but if you would like a chance for it to be you then you’ll need to buy lotto tickets for the draw.

In addition to the £11 million double rollover on Wednesday evening there will also be a guaranteed millionaire made on the Euromillions Lottery on Friday as the new Millionaire Raffle begins and promises a UK millionaire every week.

Things have never been so good for UK lottery players, grab those tickets now for your chance at these amazing prizes.

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