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Another quartet of winners for the lotto

Last Updated: Thursday 26th August 2010, 09:16 am

It was only a few days ago we were talking about how lottery players had been sharing the luck lately with lottery jackpots being shared between several players. Now the results are in for the Wednesday National Lottery draw and it’s a quartet of winners again, however this time the win is hardly life changing. When a weekend £4 million jackpot is shared four ways, everyone is happy but when less than £2 million is shared between four it’s a whole different story.

Tonight’s jackpot only reached £1.7 million, one of the lowest jackpots ever seen and with four winners collecting just over £400,000, it’s not the ‘life-changing’ amount of cash always promised.

You can check the numbers and winners on our results page but it seems to us that £1.7 million jackpots, collecting just £400,000 for first division winners and less than £80,000 for second division winners, the lottery trend may not work in the National Lottery’s favour this time.

A few years ago, the Irish Lottery were forced to increase the amount of numbers in the lottery draw to give players a better chance of winning bigger prizes but what will the UK Lotto do? The draw is already on a 6:49 matrix but it seems that the lottery is not always delivering its promises on life-changing jackpots.

When the lottery launched in 1994, a lottery jackpot meant instant retirement and security but those days are gone. Is it time for a shake-up? Who knows but gone are the newsworthy winners stories we used to write about.

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