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Artists Lottery Syndicate

Last Updated: Monday 31st May 2010, 11:13

The idea of art usually conjures up thoughts of cash strapped students and kooky art projects but the Artists Lottery syndicate might just change all that. It would certainly be the first artist movement inspired by cash and is designed to help cash-strapped students overcome the effect that government cuts and the recession are having on many art students. It's effectively a lottery wheel, here are all the details of the new scheme.

The Artists Lottery syndicate, a new collective of contemporary artists are led by Glasgow-based Ellie Harrison and they have decided to engineer a bit of lotto luck for themselves. They believe their scheme, to be launched in July will maximise their chances of winning large payouts on the National Lottery.

The lottery syndicate, simply called ‘the syndicate’, will play lotto games strategically using a mathematical system that they believe increases the odds of winning large amounts of money providing there are more than forty players.

The group of students will purchase 44 lines on each of the two weekly UK Lotto draws at £1 a ticket and 36 lines on the Euromillions Lottery at £2 a ticket. That means each of the 40-strong lottery syndicate must pay £4 a week to be a member of the syndicate which works in the same way as a lottery wheel.

Lottery wheeling is popular and requires players to stick to the same five numbers on every ticket, with the sixth number wheeling around the selection available, from one to 44. It means if you are a winner on one ticket, you have won on most of the 44 lottery tickets and that’s what makes this system hugely popular.

The odds of winning the jackpot on the National Lottery stand at one in 14 million so we will be watching this story with interest and seeing if this group of artists get lucky!


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