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Australia Powerball Changes March 2013

Last Updated: Monday 2nd February 2015, 09:14

Australian PowerballThe Australia Powerball has recently announced that exciting upcoming changes will be made to the Powerball from Friday March 1st 2013. The new Powerball will feature bigger prizes and more winners every week as well as a new prize tier, Division 8 which sees players win prizes for matching just two of the winning numbers drawn plus the Powerball. The Australia Powerball has said that the changes will be implemented on Friday March 1st 2013 which means just one Powerball draw on Thursday February 28th remains before the changes take place.

The game play of the new Powerball will remain similar to the current Powerball rules however, the number of balls drawn and the number of balls in each barrel will change. The Australia Powerball changes will see six winning numbers drawn from 1-40 in the first barrel and one winning number will be drawn from 1-20 for the Powerball barrel. Another change coming to the Powerball rules is the introduction of the Division 8 prize tier which see’s ticket holders win a prize for matching just two of the winning number drawn plus the Powerball. In turn the overall odds of winning a prize in the Australia Powerball improve from 1 in 120 to 1 in 78.

With the addition of the new prize tier the Australian Powerball will also see increased jackpots as when the Powerball reaches $10 million and there is still no jackpot winner the top prize is expected to increase by at least $10 million each draw.

Due to the bigger jackpots, better odds of winning and bigger prize pools as well as an increase in the amount of winners per draw the Australia Powerball will see a slight increase in ticket prices. To find out more about the Australia Powerball and how to play visit

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