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Australian Powerball Changes Come into Effect

Last Updated: Monday 2nd February 2015, 09:14

Australian PowerballThe 1st March 2013 was an important date in the diary for the Australian Powerball as it meant that this popular lottery underwent some alterations. This now means that the Australian Powerball changes have now come into effect and the first draw with these new changes will be on the 7th March 2013 – but what exactly are these new changes?

The Australian Powerball is now a six from 40 lottery, use to be a five from 45, for the main numbers and the Powerball number has gone from being drawn from a range of 1 – 40 to being selected from a range of 1 – 20. This means that players have to pick an extra main number from a smaller ball pool of numbers and also pick the Powerball from a smaller selection of numbers.

To add to that the majority of winning combinations have changed. Instead of there being seven prize tiers there are now eight and to win the jackpot, known as Division 1, you have to match all six of the main numbers drawn and also the Powerball drawn.

Although the amount of prizes tiers has increased so have the odds of winning a prize. However, these changes also mean bigger prizes for players. When the Australian Powerball jackpot hits $10 million and remains elusive it will rollover up to $10 million each time, which means there could be some impressive jackpots on offer to win when the jackpot rolls over a few times in this lottery.

These changes are now live in this lottery game and the first draw which will play with these adjustments is on the 7th March 2013 – so now you can expect to see big jackpots more often in the Australian Powerball!

To view the new prize breakdown for this lottery please visit the Australian Powerball page.

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