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Banned festival wins lotto support

Last Updated: Monday 21st June 2010, 00:17

A music festival usually held in Bolton, Lancashire was cancelled by council chiefs last year, but now, after receiving a National Lottery grant, the festival will be back next year. It’s one of many grants awarded by the Big Lottery Fund Awards for all programme and this particular good cause certainly came out on top this year. Here's all the news on the Big Lottery Fund awards for all and how it is helping many organisations around the UK.

Due to the nature of the Big Lottery Fund awards for all, each charity or organisation can only ask for a maximum of £10,000, many grants are much smaller too but this ensures that all the cash is spread around and everyone benefits from National Lottery money for good causes.

The Bolton Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) has certainly come out top regarding these rules as the festival organisers have received the full £10,000 lottery grant, the maximum awarded to any one charity or organisation.

The organisers are ecstatic and the Chairman is quoted as saying how fantastic it is to be receiving this National Lottery funding. There has been much support for the festival in the city and in a poll run by the local newspaper it was shown that the majority of residents wanted the festival to go ahead.

The lottery cash for good causes will tackle all the issues raised by the council and allow the music festival to go ahead as normal next year.

This was just one of the lottery grants given out by the Big Lottery Fund awards for all programme with many thousands going to Bolton and other towns and cities around the UK. It’s just another way the sale of lottery tickets helps people and organisations all around the British Isles and long may it continue.

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