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Bedtime Stories

Last Updated: Wednesday 25th May 2011, 10:18 am

Two new stories of lottery success came out of Australia last week - one about a winner who wanted to run out into the street in her pyjamas, and another about a winner who was so convinced she was dreaming that she had to pinch herself.

The first woman, from Geelong, was initially sitting in her pyjamas watching the Tattslotto draw take place live on television. She knew that she had successful picked six numbers, but she wasn't aware of how much her prize would be. Fortunately, her daughter was visiting at the time and was able to check the figures on the internet. When she came back and told her mother that she had won $666,600, the response was immediate - the winner jumped up and wanted to run out to celebrate in the street, pyjamas or no pyjamas. It was only her husband's impressive ability to calm her down that saved her modesty.

To make sure that the prize was as they expected before making the trip to Melbourne where the Tattersall's Head Office is situated, the couple visited the lottery retailer for verification. As expected, the ticket was confirmed a winner. The winner and her husband are now planning to quit their jobs, but there has been no talk of them hosting a pyjama party at any time in the near future.

The day after the same Tattslotto draw, a woman in Mount Martha checked her numbers against those announced on the radio and initially through she had matched five out of a possible six. She double-checked her ticket via the internet and was astounded to discover that she had actually matched all six.

"I had to pinch myself to see if I was really awake," the winner said, describing the moment when she realised that she had won over $674,000. "Fifteen years ago I started playing those numbers with a friend, but a few years later when she stopped playing I kept using them. I could remember them clearly and did not want to see them come up as the winning numbers one day and not have them."

Now that she knows her lottery win isn't a dream, the winner intends to treat her family, give some money to charity and invest the rest so that she can eventually have a more comfortable retirement.

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