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Big Money with the National Lottery

Last Updated: Wednesday 14th July 2010, 00:01

The National Lottery are always launching new scratchcards and instant win games and not just of the cardboard variety either. If you play the Lotto online you’ll already be aware of the amazing instant wins and scratchcards available at the National Lottery website and now you can win big money with the National Lottery with their new game, Big Money, available to play at the National Lottery website right now!

Big Money is the newest instant-win game from the National Lottery and you get seven fantastic chances to win up to £90,000 cash every game. It costs £2 to play the game but you can try it for free now by registering to buy lottery tickets online at the National Lottery website.

To play the game, simply pay £2 from your National Lottery balance and the scratch-off card will open, with three games to play. In game one, you need to match three cash amounts to win one of those amounts, the traditional scratchcard layout and then you get the chance at game two. Match two identical symbols in game two and you win the prize under the final panel while in game three you must choose between gold bars A or B, open the prizes in the gold bars and if they match the winning symbol, you win the amount shown.

You have a 1 in 4.46 overall chance of winning a prize at this new scratchcard game and the jackpot for Big Money from the National Lottery is £90,000.

This isn’t the only new game to launch at the National Lottery this month, why not head over there and see the massive selection of instant wins and scratchcards on offer?

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