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Big prizes in Wednesday Lotto

Last Updated: Thursday 11th November 2010, 10:39

A distinct lack of higher division winners meant big prizes in the Wednesday Lotto last night, for several lottery players. Every division paid out higher amounts than usual, as a lower than usual number of players managed to match numbers in the draw. For the numbers and winners details check out our National Lottery results page but we can tell you now that just one single lottery player matched all six numbers to scoop the jackpot.

With the triple rollover still fresh in players’ minds, the jackpot as expected exceeded the estimated. There was £2.9 million up for grabs in the end and just one lottery player matched all six winning numbers to scoop the lot. But it’s the next division, which proved a surprise for lottery players. Usually on a Wednesday, players matching five and the bonus could expect to collect around £100,000 but as only two lottery players managed the feat, each will be walking away with almost half a million pound!

Even the match five prize paid out £2,900, double the usual expected amount, and match four paid out £110, a rare three figure sum for those prizes winners. All in all, the lottery draw gave lottery players who were lucky in last night’s draw a real extra treat! In all there was over £8 million in prize paid out in last night’s National Lottery draw but don’t forget tomorrow’s Euromillions SuperRaffle in all the excitement, you will want to buy lottery tickets for that draw as ten guaranteed millionaires are going to be made!

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