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Big Shares on Saturday Lotto

Last Updated: Sunday 10th October 2010, 11:11

Just in time to get over the shock of Friday’s Euromillions Lottery jackpot is the Saturday Lotto draw, which didn’t prove quite so profitable for lottery players. While Friday’s winner became the UK’s biggest lottery winner, Saturday’s winners had to share, five ways to be exact meaning no lottery millionaires were created. It was a bit of an antithesis after Friday’s excitement but a five away share is good, and make the difference to the lives of many.

Merlin was chosen as the lottery machine for the draw, last seen last Saturday and set of balls number 6 was also thrown up, again used last Saturday. It proved lucky for lottery players too, with over £14 million paid out in prize money from the National Lottery.

First up is the jackpot winners, five of them, who all collect £791,412 for their trouble. Players matching five and the bonus ball collected over £50,000 and there were very many smaller winners too.

It may not have reached the dizzying heights of Friday’s Euromillions draw but the National Lottery Saturday draw certainly shared the wealth, making many lottery players very, very happy.

The next Lotto draw is on Wednesday evening and has an estimated £2.4 million jackpot, you can buy lottery tickets online for that draw now! But don’t forget to check back to these pages during the week, for lottery news, results and hopefully the identity and story behind the UK’s biggest lottery winner from Friday’s Euromillions Lottery draw!

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