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Bingo worker wins million on lottery scratchcard

Last Updated: Thursday 3rd June 2010, 14:27

Lottery Tickets Cash Shopkeepers often make mistakes, giving the wrong change and getting peoples orders wrong are about top of the list but as a bingo worker wins a million on a lottery scratchcard she is glad her local shopkeeper made a mistake. That’s because when Audrey White was given the wrong lottery scratchcard in the shop and it turned out to be a £1 million winner!

Mrs White went into her local supermarket and asked for a £2 scratchcard, the shop worker pulled out the £5 one but bingo manager Mrs White was too embarrassed to correct her mistake. She had already won £5 on an earlier scratchcard so cut her losses and accepted the £5 lottery scratchcard taking it home to scratch off.

It’s been a difficult few years for the bingo manager who has three children, she loves her job and has always worked but did have some money troubles three years ago which resulted in her almost losing her home.

Now of course she faces no such worries and all from the wrong lottery scratchcard. The win hasn’t changed her too much though, the mother of three still takes the bus to work at the Palace bingo hall in Felixstowe and has no intention of giving up her job as she loves it.

She is going to pay off her mortgage though and treat herself to a new conservatory. She also now has her own private banker, something most bingo workers can only dream of.

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