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Birthday Bonus

Last Updated: Thursday 2nd July 2015, 12:21

Birthday BonusA Birthday Bonus lottery scratchcard bought as a birthday gift proved lucky for the recipient who won the top prize of £10,000 every birthday for the next ten years.

Norman Davidson, who is now 44, received the scratchcard in his birthday card from his partner Carolyn on 10 March. The Birthday Bonus scratchcard offers two games and was designed to bring a little lottery magic to those celebrating their latest milestone. Norman scratched the top prize and was soon celebrating a win worth £100,000 over the next decade!

“Carolyn and I had gone to Blackpool with our teenage son Scott for the weekend before my birthday,” Norman explained. “On the way back we stopped off at Tebay Services and, as I later found out, Carolyn saw the Birthday Bonus Scratchcard and bought it for me.

“Family and friends were all gathered round on my birthday so I decided to do the Scratchcard there and then,” he continued. “I was more surprised than anyone when I realised I’d matched the months to win the top prize. I nearly fell off my chair!”

Norman, who is from Carlisle, works as a truck driver and supports Carlisle United Football Club. He says that he will put some of the windfall aside for a “rainy day” but intends to have some fun too. A new car and a family holiday to Greece are already on the cards.

The £10,000 annual Birthday Bonus prize that Norman will receive for the next ten years is subject to UK income tax, but there is no doubt he’ll be looking forward to his birthdays with a little extra enthusiasm from now on.

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