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Bumper Saturday Lotto jackpot

Last Updated: Thursday 22nd July 2010, 00:46

July seems to be the lucky month for Saturday lottery players as every draw this month has been a rollover. Yet again looking at the lottery results, the Wednesday jackpot has rolled and that means a £7 million lottery jackpot for the weekend. Last week’s £7 million winner has now stepped forward, could you be next? There’s only a chance of that if you buy lottery tickets for the £7 million National Lottery rollover at the weekend.

Tonight’s draw went off as usual without a hitch and for the fourth draw running, Merlin was the machine used for the draw. It was set of balls number two this week that proved unlucky for lottery players, you can check the full results on our lottery results page and see what the lottery numbers were to create this rollover draw.

Last week’s £7.7 million jackpot went to a single lottery player and Ivan Westbury and his wife Susan have now stepped forward to claim their lottery prize. The couple from Nottingham couldn’t be happier about the lottery win and say it will certainly turn their lives around. After calming down upon hearing their good fortune, they went to the pub to celebrate and realised they had no cash.

That’s unlikely ever to happen again and the lucky couple expressed their gratitude at the press conference this week.

Will this weekend’s National Lottery jackpot go to a single winner, or like the others this month will it be shared several ways? Who knows, tune in to the lottery show at the weekend to find out or check back here on our lottery news pages.

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