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Buying your Euromillions rollover tickets

Last Updated: Friday 24th June 2011, 09:58 am

Lottery Tickets PenTonight, there’s a nine-times Euromillions rollover draw up for grabs and you can guarantee that players right across the UK and Europe will be queuing to buy tickets for the draw. So when you’re buying your Euromillions tickets what’s the best way to do so, especially if you want to avoid disappointment in big rollovers draws such as tonight’s £105 million Euromillions rollover draw?

Well, the best thing we can recommend is however you buy Euromillions tickets, make sure you do so in plenty of time before the draw, otherwise you could miss out on your chance to play your regular numbers. The lottery service at lottery retailers and online is dependable 99% of the time, but when we do hear of problems with players buying lottery tickets, it’s always just before a big draw.

If you do buy your Euromillions tickets in store, then make sure you sign the back and keep them in a safe place. Then as soon as is possible after the draw, check the Euromillions winning numbers; you can do this on our lottery results page or with our easy iPhone apps.

Of course, we recommend you buy your Euromillions tickets online, for the safest and most secure method of playing. Buying tickets electronically means they can’t possibly get lost or misplaced and what’s more, if you’re a winner, the National Lottery will send you an email, so you don’t ever have to worry about missing out on another big lottery prize!

Next Estimated EuroMillions Jackpot
£14 Million
Friday 27th April 2018
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Tonight's Estimated Lotto Jackpot
£10.3 Million
Wednesday 25th April 2018
It's a 4x Rollover!
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