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Camelot Chief hits the jackpot

Last Updated: Thursday 7th July 2011, 16:05

Lottery Fund While the party poppers are still being pulled for the UK Lotto birthday party, behind the scenes there is some remuneration going on at lotto jackpot level as the Chief Executive of Camelot earns £1.8 million in pay and bonuses.   Of course another birthday for the National Lottery means another annual report and this one has thrown up this interesting little gem.

The annual report into the running of the UK Lotto has shown that Dianne Thompson – Chief of Camelot, actually earned £1.07 in salary last year, that’s a rise of 11% on last year, plus a £792,000 integration payout.

It’s is thought that Ms Thompson’s influence was instrumental in delivering a new licence to the National Lottery and the bonus she received was linked to upgrades that have taken place in the Lotto over the last year. Camelot say she achieved all her targets which included replacing old lottery terminals on time and the introduction of a new IT system.

Targets or not, these figures are bound to raise the eyebrows of lottery players who are seeing lottery jackpots decline on a weekly basis, jackpots are falling and we aren’t seeing the bumper jackpots when we buy lottery tickets that we were seeing a few years ago. In fact jackpot sized wages and £400 million already pledged to the 2012 Olympics must be leaving some lottery players wondering just where their £1 is going every week.

The one thing that all players can be sure of however, the recession hasn’t hit in Dianne Thompson’s pocket.

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