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Camelot Christmas Cracker

Last Updated: Tuesday 5th December 2006, 01:22 am

Camelot, the organiser of the UK National Lottery, has launched a brand new television campaign for the Christmas season. At the heart of the campaign is a twenty second commercial which shows a quiet, dimly lit suburban home gradually coming alive with vibrant music and bright colours.

By the end of the advert, the whole scene is bursting with joyous energy and a set of lottery numbers is shining bright on the front of the house. At this point a narrator says, "Imagine if you won this Christmas..."

We like the idea behind this commercial. Winning the lottery at any time would be a dream come true, but to win during the festive season would be truly magical. Imagine becoming a millionaire overnight and being able to treat your family, friends and yourself to the best Christmas ever - the term "Goodwill to all men" wouldn't even begin to describe the tremendous feelings a December win would provide.

Camelot's Head of Media & Marketing, Daniel Heale, describes some of the thinking behind the new commercial: "The ad is designed to capture the spirit of what people might do if they won a Lotto jackpot this winter. In 12 years of running The National Lottery we have seen people spend their money on so many different things - and there's usually at least one crazy and spontaneous purchase in there somewhere.

"We've had a millionaire tiling his winning numbers into the bottom of his new swimming pool, another framing her big cheque and giving it pride of place in her living room - so putting Lotto numbers up in Christmas lights on the front of a house follows a Lotto tradition.

"Imagine winning a Lotto jackpot this December," Daniel continues. "Buying someone a ticket could be one of the best presents ever if it nets them a festive fortune - or you could be a real life Santa Clause by winning big and treating your friends and family to a Christmas day they will never forget."

Well we're sold on the idea, Daniel! The advertising campaign runs until the end of December, and we think it will prove to be a real "Christmas Cracker" as far as Camelot's Lotto ticket sales are concerned. Here's hoping Christmas comes early for at least one or two of our visitors!

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