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Camelot to be sold in New Year

Last Updated: Tuesday 29th December 2009, 13:17 pm

National Lottery It has dominated the lottery news over the last year and still there is no resolution in sight and we still do not know if Camelot is to be sold in the New Year. The UK lottery company isn’t struggling at all but the main shareholders who are made up of players such as Cadbury’s have regularly been in the news this year with stories about hostile takeovers featuring in our news and of course if the main shareholders are struggling financially then it goes without saying that Camelot – or at least major shares in the company - are likely to be sold in the New Year.

Cadburys, De La Rue, Fujitsu, Thales and Royal Mail all own equal shares in Camelot, the UK lotto company and all have shown interest in selling their own shares. That means that Camelot is looking for buyers of the shares and while they would surely like the lottery to be British owned as time goes by this is looking like a less and less likely prospect.

Once the New Year celebrations are over, we should be able to bring you more definitive news but as yet all we know for sure is that several French and American companies have shown a lot of interest in buying big shares in the lottery and now it just leaves us so wait around for more news.

Will the National Lottery be sold in the New Year? We think that goes without saying, it’s actually waiting to see who will buy it is making the news right now.

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