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Checkout Girl Rings Up Lotto Win

Last Updated: Wednesday 7th August 2013, 13:23

A Tesco's checkout assistant is celebrating after winning the £8,471,383 Lotto jackpot on 3 February. The jackpot had rolled over from the previous draw, and Karen Child, who is getting married this summer to her fiancé Wayne, will now be able to celebrate in fantastic style.

Karen, who have been playing the National Lottery ever since it began, bought her Lotto ticket at the same Tesco store where she works. She explains: "After finishing the weekend food shop, I thought I'd get my weekly Lotto, Thunderball and Dream Number tickets for the Saturday draw and went to the counter where my next door neighbours' daughter works to get my tickets."

The significance of that purchase was realised a short time after the draw itself. "It was later that evening when I was sat in front of the TV that I realised that I'd won," Karen continues. "Wayne and I were watching the other channel when the balls were being drawn. When the adverts came on Wayne wanted to check the Lotto draw to see if he'd won on his work's bonus ball game, so I got my tickets to check the other numbers at the same time.

"I started to go through checking the numbers - first I thought I had won £10, then I realised I had matched four numbers - then it dawned on me that I had matched all six! I really couldn't believe it and even when I told Wayne he didn't believe it either.

"Not really sure what to do next, I called the number on the back of the ticket to make sure I wasn't seeing things - and they confirmed that it was the probably the winning ticket!"

As well as planning a fairytale wedding, Karen wants her new wealth to help her enjoy more of her favourite football team, Manchester United. "It's really too early to say what I am going to do with the win," Karen said, "but I would love to come to the Theatre of Dreams to see United play. I would also love a new red Mini Cooper and I think we will look for a new house - although I don't want to move far from where we are now. In all the win means that we will never really have to worry about money again!"

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