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Clarification for Saturday's Irish Lottery Draw

Last Updated: Thursday 5th December 2013, 13:19

Irish LotteryThe Irish Lottery draw that took place on Saturday has hit the headlines as one of the numbers that was drawn from the machine was announced wrongly. Therefore lottery officials have had to released details of clarification from Saturday’s Irish Lottery draw to make sure all players are clear with what happened. The issue didn’t occur in the main Irish Lottery draw but instead the Lotto Plus 2 draw in which the number nine was drawn, however it was announced as number six.

The numbers drawn on Saturday night for the Lotto Plus 2 draw 3, 9, 23, 39, 40, 42 and the Bonus Ball was 10. This issue with the wrong number being announced was due to the misprint of the number on the balls however players with the number six on their ticket are in luck as the Irish Lottery has said it would also honour those players that have won a prize with the number six in the combination. This means that if you have tickets for this game with either six or nine on and have matched three or more numbers then you will have won a prize.

It is thought that this error in the Lotto Plus 2 could cost the Irish Lottery up to €54,000 in paying out prize winnings to players with both six or nine on their tickets. Issues with numbers being drawn in any lottery rarely happen however this wrong number in announcement has been quickly rectified by the Irish Lottery.

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