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Consecutive Numbers Create Euromillions Rollover

Last Updated: Thursday 7th July 2011, 16:06

Euromillions Consecutive numbers are unusual on lottery draws and this may be why last Fridays Euromillions Lottery draw numbers were not matched by any players. This of course gives causes to celebrate as it means that next Friday is a Euromillions rollover. The numbers drawn were unusual and close together and although it is known that certain players deliberately play consecutive numbers, it is quite an unusual way to pick your lucky lotto numbers.

The numbers drawn in the Euromillions lottery last Friday evening were 22 – 23 – 24 – 29 and 44. The Lucky stars were 1 and 5. This put three consecutive numbers in the draw, something which may be responsible for the lottery rollover.

Rollovers are of course common in the Euromillions Lottery and that’s what makes it so much fun to play. Next Friday’s jackpot will now be worth an estimated £26 million, a very nice sum we’re sure you’ll agree.

Now adding further weight to our theory of consecutive lottery numbers is the news that only two players matched the five main balls and one lucky star and just twelve players matched the five main balls without the lucky stars. Clearly consecutive lottery numbers and not favoured in the UK, for out of the fourteen players who matched all five main balls, only one was from the UK.

Maybe consecutive numbers are the way to go when it comes to bagging that jackpot for yourself? Who knows but next Fridays Euromillions draw is worth an estimated £26 million so make sure you buy lotto tickets for that one.

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