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Conservative Plans for the Lottery

Last Updated: Tuesday 29th September 2009, 12:13 pm

National Lottery Things are starting to warm up for the election now and already we’re seeing suggestions and promises being thrown around. The Tory’s are using the Lottery as a selling point by suggesting what they would do with lottery cash if they were to be voted in during the next general election. During Labours time in power they have directed National Lottery cash towards many community projects but the Conservative party intend on some changes, or at least that is what has been suggested.

The Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has suggested that up to £40 million of lottery money would be created by cutting bureaucracy and allowing the lottery to operate independently. He says this money would then be used to repair and renovate endangered historic buildings such as castles and churches around the UK.

He has told the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings that Labour doesn’t understand the point that lottery funds for good causes should be independent of the government. He also believes that these reforms would mean less red tape, more money freed up and even more cash for good causes around the UK.

It’s thought that more than one in twenty historic buildings around the UK are at risk, these include Brighton Pier, parts of Hadrian’s Wall and many other well known historic sites around the UK. These are all places that could be helped with money generated from the sale of lottery tickets if the distribution and system of distributing lottery cash was changed.


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