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Deal or No Deal Record Win

Last Updated: Monday 15th December 2008, 09:05

A record Deal or No Deal jackpot worth £965,725 has been paid out by Jackpotjoy, beating the previous record by more than £330,000. The lucky winner has been named as Emira B, a 27 year old who lives in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

“Thank you so much,” Emira said when she was congratulated on her success. “I'm in shock. It's unbelievable. I've just told my family. They sort of believe me! They didn't even know that I played. I told them to look and that I'd won the Jackpot. It's not sunk in yet. Oh my God.”

Deal or No Deal is an exciting slot machine game based on the popular television show of the same name. The gameplay of the bonus round replicates the format used in the TV game, and requires players to select one box from 26 as their own. They then progress through five rounds, selecting other boxes to discard. Each box is opened before being discarded and the prize amount contained within is put out of play.

At the end of each round a telephone rings and The Banker offers the player the chance to make a deal based on the prizes remaining active. If the player thinks that the deal is worth making, he says Deal, otherwise it’s No Deal. The aim is to make a deal at a price worth more than the prize contained in the box originally selected, or to refuse deals and walk away with the box prize.

Emira B obviously played the bonus game as well as any of the television show contestants, because she resisted the temptations of The Banker and walked away with £965,725 to become Jackpojoy’s biggest ever Deal or No Deal winner. She has now started thinking about how to use her winnings most effectively.

“I haven’t an idea what I’ll spend the money on yet,” she said, “but me and my family will be sorted. I've got to go to work tomorrow but I don’t know if I'll go. I work as a beauty therapist in a salon. Hopefully I'll get my own now. I can’t believe it!”

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