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Dont forget your lottery tickets

Last Updated: Saturday 5th June 2010, 11:53

It’s summer holiday season and that means, as the weather gets hotter, many of us are turning our thoughts to our sunny breaks this year. If you do have a holiday coming up then this is just a little reminder to not forget your lottery tickets, or that holiday could cost you a life-changing lottery win. It's so easy to forget things when your packing and rushing around preparing for your holiday but if you forget anyway make sure it's not your lottery tickets!

If you, like many of us play the same lotto numbers every week on either the UK Lotto or Euromillions then it’s going to be a huge disappointment if you come back from that summer break to find the lottery results match your lucky numbers.

That’s why, in between the packing and organising who’s looking after the dog, you need to make sure, you don’t forget to buy lottery tickets or run the risk of being disappointed.

Many of us now choose to buy our lottery tickets online, but with that also comes a warning. The UK National Lottery website will work from anywhere in the world, but as per National Lottery rules, only lottery tickets bought in the UK, count towards the draw.

Don’t be caught out, you could miss out on a life-changing lottery win if you forget to buy your lottery tickets before you go on your summer break. So add buying lottery tickets to your list and you might come back from your sunny holiday to a nice big, life-changing lottery win!

In other news, one winner walked away with last night’s £12 million Euromillions jackpot and tonight there is £4.4 million up for grabs in the UK Lotto.

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