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Double UK Lotto Jackpot To Play For Tonight

Last Updated: Tuesday 2nd July 2019, 10:39

There is a double rollover jackpot worth an estimated £8.3 million to play for in tonight’s UK Lotto draw after the last two draws failed to find a jackpot winner. This is the biggest jackpot prize on offer in over a month so is expected to attract a higher number of ticket sales than normal, so players are advised to buy their tickets early!

In addition to the increased jackpot, the double rollover means there also will be 150 Lotto Raffle prizes worth £20,000 up for grabs tonight. Lotto Raffle prizes are won when players exactly match every digit of the raffle code printed below the main numbers on their Lotto ticket. A minimum of 50 Lotto Raffle prizes are given away alongside every UK Lotto draw and the number of prizes increases by 50 each time the jackpot rolls over. One free entry to the raffle is included with every line of UK Lotto numbers purchased, so you don’t need to do anything to have a second chance at winning a prize!

To read more about the raffle, which was introduced at the start of October to coincide with the other UK Lotto changes, visit the Lotto Raffle page.

Tickets for tonight’s draw can be purchased online by visiting the Lottery Tickets page. Players can also find links to buying tickets for other lottery games here too, including tonight’s Irish Lottery draw which has a jackpot of £2.5 million as well as Friday’s EuroMillions draw which has an estimated jackpot of €24 / £20 million after rolling over last night.

Whichever lottery game you decide to play this week, good luck from the team at and don’t forget to check back for the results shortly after the draw has taken place.

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