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Dream Lotto Win For Student

Last Updated: Wednesday 7th August 2013, 13:30

A dream of winning the National Lottery came true for a Port Glasgow student who won £2,543,691 in the Lotto draw for 24 January. Kerri Cartwright had the dream of hitting the jackpot a week before the win. But it's her three year old daughter Stephani she credits for the win, because if she hadn't gone shopping to buy juice for Stephani, she may not have even bought her lucky midweek lottery ticket.

"I had promised to get Stephani some blackcurrant juice and some orange juice so I went into Tesco to buy them," Kerri explained. "The juice was on a 'buy one get one free' offer, so with the money I saved I decided to buy a lottery ticket for the draw that night."

Of course, Kerri is delighted that she chose to buy her ticket. But her boss wasn't at all convinced that her previous dream may have any prophetic meaning. "I had a dream that I had won the lottery," Kerri said. "It was so real I told my boss about it and he joked it would be nice - and then told me to get back to work! I can't believe that a week later my dream has come true."

Kerri didn't discover her win watching the midweek lottery draw live on television, but the day after the fortuitous event had taken place. "I was in bed later when I realised I had not checked my ticket. It was downstairs and I really didn't want to get it, so I put the TV on in the bedroom and tapped the numbers into my mobile and saved them as a text message. It was only when I was in the canteen at college the next day that I remembered to check them.

"I thought at first I had four numbers, then five and I was really pleased," Kerri continued. "I asked my friend Jo to check for me. She had my mobile and the ticket and she said 'you're playing a joke on me, aren't you? You have all six'. I couldn't believe it and rushed to my mum's shop to celebrate with her and my aunt. We were all dancing around, we were so happy!"

Kerri is now planning how to spend her fortune. "The win means the world to me as I won't ever have to worry about things again," she said. "I'm planning to take all the family away on holiday to Disney World. We have always wanted to go. I'm also going to buy two cars. One will be a sensible family car but the other will be a sports car just for me!"

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