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Euromillions climbing again

Last Updated: Monday 25th January 2010, 11:24

Euromillions Lottery rollovers really are becoming the order of the day with players rarely hitting that jackpot on the base draw. Now after Fridays £13 million  base Euromillions draw we have yet another Euromillions Lottery rollover as players had no luck matching all the winning main balls and lucky stars in last week’s Euromillions Lottery draw.

When you consider that the odds of matching five winning numbers from a pool between 1 and 50 and another two lucky stars between 1 and 9 are more than 74 million to one maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised to see regular rollovers on the Euromillions Lottery. Not that we are complaining of course, the Euromillions Lottery is fast becoming a favourite with UK lottery players and that can no doubt attributed to some of the monster jackpots we have seen on rollovers won in the last few weeks to UK lottery players.

Next Friday will see the Euromillions draw climb to £25 million after no winners at the weekend and if that isn’t won on Friday then the excitement really starts to climb.

Make sure you buy lotto tickets for the Euromillions Lotttery draw, your £2 ticket cost also gets you into the UK Millionaires Raffle, an extra raffle which creates a guaranteed UK millionaire every single week in the UK.

Good luck in Friday’s draw and you can guarantee if there isn’t a Euromillions Lottery winner next weekend then we’ll be bringing you news of the rollover on these pages.

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