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Euromillions double rollover

Last Updated: Saturday 10th July 2010, 10:32

Rollovers have been thin on the ground lately where the Euromillions Lottery is concerned, but this week the drought seems to be over as no winner means there’s a massive £34 million to play for next week. Of course we don’t all like big jackpots but every now and then it’s great to see that pot climb and watch lottery players (me too) get excited about multi-million pound jackpots.

Last night’s Euromillions Lottery jackpot hit a staggering £23.5 million yet despite high-ticket sales not one player from any of the European countries matched all the numbers to win the jackpot.

That means next weekend it’s a Euromillions double rollover and the jackpot is likely to be in the region of around £34 million, possibly even higher as lottery players get excited about the first double rollover for months!

Don’t think players missed out completely last night with the Euromillions Lottery results, the jackpot may be rolling over but there was still a massive £4.5 million paid out to UK Lottery players including the Millionaire Raffle. One UK Lottery player matched five of the main Euromillions Lottery balls and one lucky star and they are £349,323 richer today, another UK player picked up an unusually high £297,397 for matching just the five main Euromillions numbers plus of course the usual thousands of lower tier prizes.

Another great bit of lottery news, you don’t have to wait until next weekend for a lotto excitement, it’s also a UK Lotto rollover this evening, there’s an estimated £7 million on offer, good luck!

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